The time has finally come!

From 28 of may to 1 of November, you can once again enjoy a carefree holiday in our Hotel Neue Post.

  • No deposit for all stays until 1 November.
  • No cancellation fees for cancellations up to 48 hours before arrival.
  • No worries thanks to the highest safety and hygiene standards in all hotel areas.

Get ready for an all-round relaxing break from everyday life.


NEW from december 2021:

THE HIGHLIGHT - all year ROOFTOP outdoor pool

- over the rooftops of Mayrhofen -

⇒ 7 luxurious pool suites und 23 brand new tyrolen style rooms and suites

⇒ Fitness studio on the first floor with a great view

⇒ Generous sun terrace

⇒ Seminar- and activity room

⇒ Gamingroom with modern play consoles

⇒ Child´s room

⇒ Brand new bar and lounge area

⇒ Big ski room on the parterre

New from summer 2022: Service of drinks at rooftop pool


Book at the best price

  • Welcome present in your room
  • 1 glass of Prosecco to welcome you
  • Indulgence thanks to the new ¾ pampering board
  • Wellness bag with bathrobe & slippers
  • Room category at the best price
  • SPA area free of charge on the day of departure
  • Delicious surprise as farewell
  • No deposit for online booking via our website
direct booking benefit
Spring detox
Power from the garden

Unbelievably fresh, unbelievably delicious, and rather green: today, we present the detox smoothie.

Spring has come to Zillertal, painting the surroundings of our hotel in Mayrhofen a fresh green. In the garden, the first vegetables are popping up alongside early blooms, and the sun is beckoning us outside. Time for a spring-fresh smoothie that purifies and detoxes to prepare you for the coming summer season. After all: you can never boost your immune system enough. For our green detox smoothie, you’ll need two handfuls of fresh baby spinach, two kiwis, an apple (ideally a sourer variety), half a cucumber, and half a banana, as well as a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and around 250ml of fresh water. Peel the kiwis and bananas, and then thoroughly wash the apple and cucumber, adding them to the blender with the peel on – the peel contains plenty of good vitamins and minerals that we want to benefit from. Blend everything together until it reaches a creamy consistency and serve immediately. The delicious smoothie will serve two people. If you’d like, you can also add a spoonful of wheatgrass.

The chlorophyll from the green leaves has blood-building properties, the spinach provides all-important iron, and the high levels of vitamin C in the fruit give your immune system a boost. At Hotel Neue Post, we place great importance on regional products and healthy recipes – try it for yourself at home!

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