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From 26 June to 1 November, you can once again enjoy a carefree holiday in our Hotel Neue Post.

  • No deposit for all stays until 1 November.
  • No cancellation fees for cancellations up to 48 hours before arrival.
  • No worries thanks to the highest safety and hygiene standards in all hotel areas.

Get ready for an all-round relaxing break from everyday life.


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  • Indulgence thanks to the new ¾ pampering board
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  • SPA area free of charge on the day of departure
  • Delicious surprise as farewell
  • No deposit for online booking via our website
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Oven-baked lever, doughnuts, and “Zerggl”
Wilhelm Pfister about the cuisine of the Zillertal Valley

Would you like to know which dish used to be an absolute must-have during a typical Zillertal wedding?

It was the oven lever! This dish is less known than the other specialities from the valley, but if you have tried it once, you will cherish the memory for a long time to come. The dish is made with lever, pork, bread crumbs, potatoes, and farmer’s bacon. The probably most known delicacy from the Zillertal is the local “krapfen”. These doughnuts are mainly made from rye flour, filled with potatoes, quark, grey cheese, and goat’s cheese, and baked in ghee. Another speciality is the “kaspressknödel” (pressed cheese dumplings), also known as “zerggl”. Contrary to other areas of Tyrol, in Mayrhofen, they are traditionally made with potatoes, grey cheese, and flour, without white bread cubes. Afterwards, we recommend a digestive schnapps from Peucedanum ostruthium. This healing plant is very flavourful, bitter, and typical for the Zillertal Alps. Brace yourself during your stay at our hotel in Mayrhofen for massages and more, gorgeous natural outdoors and our delicious cuisine!

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